Our main objective is to
serve industries through
specialized Contracting
and Trading

Quality Policy

Clear Vision Corporation is committed to achieve customer satisfaction in all our products and services. We are decided in pursuing continual improvement strategies in order to enhance our corporate image, quality of service/ products and capabilities of our employees. As a growing organization we will be focusing on the below mentioned areas :

  • Open and clear communication with our customers to understand their requirement at its best.
  • Continues professional development of our people to ensure expertise and requisite knowledge.
  • Creating a cordial and professional work environment to boost team work and productivity.
  • Developing stringent quality control measures to achieve completeness, timeliness and accuracy of our delivery and executed work.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

The Occupational Health & Safety policy is the driving force behind the implementation and improvement of CLEAR VISION’s OH&S MS. This section provides an overview of CLEAR VISION’s implementation of Clause 4.2 of the OHSAS 18001 standard.

Description of the Site and OH&S MS Scope

The organization is manned by highly qualified , competent and experienced managerial cadre and dedicated work force to provide highest quality of products and best of the services to customers. The production facilities are backed up by Quality Assurance, Training, Financial management and System Management. To further improve & raise the standards of the working conditions & maintain high safety consciousness in plant, we have embarked on implementation of OHSAS 18001:2007

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Clear Vision Corporation’s responsibility is to continually improve all aspects occupational health and safety of the area in which we operate. Occupational injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable and we aspire to an incident-free environment.

These are our commitments to the health and safety of our people at CLEAR VISION :
  • Regulatory Compliance: We apply sound health and safety management practices, comply with all OH&S legislation and applicable legal and regulatory requirements and company standards, and conduct regular audits to verify compliance.
  • Resource Allocation: We provide necessary resources to implement health and safety management systems that identify, assess and control risks. We share health and safety best practices across the company.
  • Business Integration: We manage health and safety considerations into our short- and long-term business decisions.
  • Continuous Improvement: We set demanding objectives & targets and review progress to ensure continuous improvement in Health, Safety. We monitor emerging issues and keep abreast of regulatory changes, technological innovations and stakeholder interests in order to ensure effective and sustainable solutions to health and safety challenges we face.
  • Performance Measurement: We establish meaningful metrics to monitor our health and safety performance, and use these metrics to set goals for continuous improvement.
  • Ownership Culture: We build a proactive culture by driving ownership of health and safety at the individual, managerial and organizational levels. We engage and train our people in and actively encourage participation in health & safety.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: We collaborate with our contractors, licensed bottlers, suppliers, customers and local communities to reduce the health and safety impacts of our daily operations and technology, as it applies to them.
  • Annual Review: We annually review the company’s performance in implementing this policy and update it as needed.

It is the responsibility of our senior leaders to ensure this policy is understood and effectively communicated to all persons and made available to interested parties, and implemented throughout Facility. All employees are responsible for understanding the impacts of this policy on their day-to-day work practices and are expected to apply and support the principles stated above.

Communication of Management’s Commitment

The General Manager communicates management’s commitment through Occupational Health & Safety policy to Clear Vision personnel by the following methods:

  • Distributing a memo that contains the Occupational Health & Safety policy and management’s commitment to the policy and related goals; and
  • Ensuring that new employees are informed of the policy and commitment prior to their assumption of duties that might significantly affect the environment.

Clear Vision has a dedicated department for Mechanical Construction