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Thermal insulation plays an important role in every process and manufacturing Industry in the view of "Energy Conservation". A properly designed insulation system can achieve the desired performance level only through the scientific erection practices at actual work site. Our experience in this field has taught us many Do's and Dont's imparting unbeatable application expertise to our site personnel. We have our specially trained quality management team to handle "Quality manual", Method Statements, Inspection Test plan. We are getting continues invitation from the clients, whom we have completed our projects. We have done various projects in Hot Insulation, Cold Insulation, Acoustic Insulation, Dual service Insulation. We have our own Fabrication facility for Cellular Glass, PIR, High Density PUF for cold insulation pipe supports and all types of cladding.

We have completed various insulation projects in Aramco, Sabic, SWCC, Natpet, Petrorabigh, Cristal,

Recent Projects

  • ProjectRe Tubing of 5 Boilers at SWCC, Jeddah

    ClientSWCC, Jeddah
    ContractorHARRIS PYE
  • ProjectAl Yer Hydrogen Plant Project EPC 5


Industrial service through specialized Contracting & Trading